New Workshop Presented at 36th annual NOFA-VT WINTER CONFERENCE

Darryl inaugurates his new workshop, “Motherless Meat: From Petri Dish to Plate” at the NOFA-VT Conference on February 18, 2018, from 9:30-10:45a. The event takes place at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT.

Motherless Meat: From Petri Dish to Plate

Would you eat meat cultured in a lab if it was guaranteed safe? Lab-grown meat is the new kid on the block when it comes to engineered food. Also known as in-vitro meat, it’s real meat developed from cow stem cells. With rising populations, the appetite to quickly develop this technology is strong. Should we be worried? What are the potential impacts on farmers and their cattle populations? Is it regulated? Who stands to benefit? What are the health safety issues? We’ll consider the pros and cons, the concerns and claims, the hopeful and the factual.

Darryl has twenty years’ full time and adjunct teaching experience in sustainable food systems, writing, marketing and publishing at colleges and universities in Vermont and Massachusetts. Author of Farm to Table: The Essential Guide to Sustainable Food Systems for Students, Professionals, and Consumers (Chelsea Green), Darryl teaches in the graduate Sustainable Food Systems and Resilient and Sustainable Communities programs at Green Mountain College. He blogs about sustainable food at the University of Vermont’s Food-Feed site and Upserve’s Darryl is a frequent workshop leader at national and international food and agriculture conferences. He holds a M.F.A. in Writing and a Leadership in Sustainable Food Systems Certificate from the University of Vermont.

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