Workshop presentations synthesize deep research into agricultural and
food science sustainability issues and renders them into plain speech.
Come away with a permanently transformed understanding of the topic.

Niche Marketing in the Black (for Farmers)

  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA),  Holyoke MA 
    January 30, 2019

The Future of Food

  • SolarFest 2018, Stratton Mountain Resort, Stratton VT
    August 18, 2018

Motherless Meat: From Petri Dish to Plate

  • NOFA 44th Summer Conference, Hampshire College, Amherst MA
    August 11, 2018

Caveat Comedentis: Eater Beware — New Engineered Foods

  • Seventh International Conference on Food Studies, Rome, Italy, October 26-28, 2017
  • NOFA Summer Conference 2017, Hampshire College, Amherst MA, August 11-13, 2017
  • Mother Earth News Fair, Champlain Valley Expo, Burlington VT, June 10-11, 2017

Making the Farmer-to-Chef Connection

  • NOFA-VT 35th Annual Winter Conference, University of Vermont, Burlington VT,
    February 18, 2018

Nanoparticles in Food: The New GMOs

  • NOFA-NH 15th Annual Winter Conference, Rundlett Middle School, Concord NH,
    January 2017
  • NOFA-MA 30th Annual Winter Conference, Worcester State University, Worcester MA,
    January 14, 2017
  • NESTVAL Multi-Scale Climate and Environment Change Conference, New England–
    Lawrence Valley Geographical Society, Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, October 2016

Current Food Policy and Risks/Benefits of Nanotechnology

  • Fifth International Conference on Food Studies Conference, Virginia, Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA, September 2015


In addition to the professional organizations above, Darryl delivers in-class presentations
at colleges and universities.

UMass Amherst, Amherst MA, Renee Ciulla’s “Global Food Systems” class,
Stockbridge School of Agriculture

  • Motherless Meat: From Petri Dish to Plate
  • The Future of Food

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 
Iryna Karaush’s third-year class “Semiotics and Product Design,” Chip
and Shannon Wilson School of Design (Skype)

  • Semiotics and Nanoparticles in Food
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