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Delivering focused, digestible, informative, and insightful perspectives on sustainable food systems.

Real Food Seminars informs and advocates for sustainable food systems.

We offer workshops and unique educational materials for your classroom or business.

Three reasons to bring a Real Food Seminars Workshop into your classroom or business:

  1. It serves as a “briefing” in which complex ideas and information are put into compact, concise, logical context.
  2. It provides pros and cons of every issue, letting the viewer make up his or her mind.
  3. It represents the latest research to date.

Darryl Benjamin is an author, blogger, educator, and sustainable food advocate. He believes education is the key to transforming the industrial food system into a sustainable, fair, accessible, and affordable paradigm. His workshops illuminate and sometimes startle as he presents a full picture of where our food comes from, how it’s manufactured or grown, and its impact on human, environmental, economic, and political arenas.

And please check out my book,
 Farm to Table: The Essential Guide to Sustainable Food Systems
for Students, Professionals,and Consumers


Real Food Seminars offers seminars to audiences interested in sustainable food systems. Our seminars inform and provide tools to address food system issues while building sustainability. We provide excellence in education and educational materials that strive to balance the relationship between humans and natural agricultural systems.


In this day and age, many people don’t have the time to read scholarly writings in order to “figure it all out.”  The mission of RFS is to transform industrial farming into a system that supports healthy, accessible, whole food choices for all — fresh food that is nutritious, affordable, accessible, and sustainable. 


Our goals are to achieve transparency in food production and policy. We will achieve this by education and courageous targeted action aimed at breaking the bonds between corporate interests that dictate  government policy. We will solve problems around food and population from the bottom up.

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